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CSPSP Custom Master Server

How to install
To install the PRX (NOTE: Only compatible with CSPSP 1.92, may work with some CSPSP 1.92 mods):
  • Download the PRX from here.
  • Copy cspsp_gshi.prx to ms0:/seplugins.
  • Add "ms0:/seplugins/cspsp_gshi.prx 1" to your game.txt file located in ms0:/seplugins.
  • Boot up CSPSP and connect to multiplayter.
To setup a server just download the modified server from here and run the exe contained in the archive.

What is missing
There are currently lots of features lacking in this custom server which I am to address over time:
  • Dead servers are currently not pruned from the server list.
  • Server information (players in server/server map) doesn't update in server list.
  • There is no web interface available.
  • Clans are not supported.
  • Everyone has the same country flag.
  • View profile always shows that the user isn't in a server.
  • Currently can't properly ban users as I don't know the correct response format (though I can crash their PSPs on login).
Other notes
  • If you have any bugs to report please post them here and I will look at fixing them ASAP.
  • Over the next few weeks there may be some periods of downtime as I work on improving the master server.

Quelle: http://u.to/cNZXAQ
Kategorie: Tutorials | Hinzugefügt von: psp-homebrews (2011-12-03) | Autor: CSPSP Custom Master Server TUTORIAL
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