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Hauptseite » 2011 » Mai » 20 » Lamecraft Revision 106 Released
Lamecraft Revision 106 Released

Eine neue Version von Lamecraft wurde released.

- saves compression - instead of 4 Mb now about 90 Kb.Faster map
loading and saving. If you want to share your map you must copy 2 files
ex. world1.lms and world1.lmsc
- save contains now position of the player
- desert will also now appear - there was bug in randomly generator.
- trees will not appear in ice or in each other
- fixed bug when choosing "Play" then back and "Load" - there was freeze
- better cube placing - they are now in right position all the time
- fixed bug with cube highlight/destroy near map end
- fixed bug when player could place new cube at player position
- fixed bug with camera flip when player was looking to hight or to low

- fixed crash bug when editing map near world end...

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